Adult Entertainment Association of Canada TORONTO ESCORT AGENCIES 416-346-6908

The Association is a not for profit business stakeholder organization designed to serve the needs of the adult entertainment industry by assisting adult entertainment clubs to become more prosperous. Adult Entertainers are a positive and integral component of the industry and Association members take great efforts to ensure that no underage entertainers are permitted to work in any of the clubs. 416-346-6908The Association provides an opportunity to the levels of government in Canada to assist and maintain standardized awareness in all industry practices. 416-346-6908

The Association recommends to Police Services Boards that a senior officer be appointed to liaise with the Association to allow a beneficial comprehension for the Association’s educational and instructive measures for industry practices and prevent implementing other forms of traditionally unproductive enforcement actions.

Membership in the Association includes adult entertainment clubs who have commissioned applicable membership fees and dues and agree to abide by the principles, mandates, objectives and goals of the association.

The goal of the Association is the creation of an organization striving to achieve acceptable standards of practices in the industry of adult entertainment clubs and to work with governments and other associations to allow acceptable implementation of these standards and practices.

All association members have committed to uphold acceptable health and safety standards in their establishments. Assisting adult entertainment clubs to become more prosperous establishments is a primary objective of the association. The Association’s members have committed to accomplishing this by reaching out to all adult entertainers, employees and patrons who visit their establishments. The Association intends to increase awareness about their adult entertainment clubs by conducting internal staff meetings, seminars, conferences and by developing appropriate programs with the various levels of governments. For further information please call 416-346-6908