Are you thinking about working at a Toronto escort agency service or exotic massage parlor? Some employment help for adult entertainment job seekers is here.

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Escort agencies and erotic massage parlors are always looking for new girls. If you are looking for employment in the adult industry, are friendly, attractive, in good health, and 18+ years old, than there are many good agencies and massage parlors hiring girls in the city.

I have been working in the adult industry  for over 10 years.  Over the years I have met many girls, and agency owners, and heard many good and not so good stories about working in this business. Hopefully some of the information here will help you find the right place to work, and avoid some of the pitfalls in the adult entertainment industry.


Type of agency to work at : Toronto incall / outcall agency or exotic massage parlor.Employment at an Incall escort agency. These are escort agencies were the girls are at a location, and the customer comes to you. Some agencies have locations with a few girls working together in a larger apartment, or one girl working alone in a small apartment or hotel. Some agencies have locations in upscale condos, rental buildings and hotels, and they are generally clean, neat and organized. Some other agencies are not so upscale or organized. You can generally bring your computer, books, etc to the location and do your own thing while waiting for customers. Generally at incall agencies the customer will book the girl for a half hour, full hour, or sometimes longer. These agencies are open during the day till about 11pm at night. Some incall agencies also offer outcall services.Employment at an Outcall escort agency: These are escort agencies where you are driven to the customer’s home or hotel. Some girls like the variety offered doing outcalls, and that appointments are for one or multiple hours. Working at an outcall agency is also considered by some to be more legal than incall, although the better incall agencies rarely if ever have any problems. Outcall agencies often work later in the day or evening into the morning hours. Some outcall agencies also offer incall services.Independent escort: Girls can work on their own, or with a friend. They set up and maintain a location, post ads, answer calls and schedule appointments. Some girls like the freedom of being able to work on their own, and that they are not splitting the fees with an agency. Other girls feel more secure being part of an agency and have everything set up for them when they arrive for work.

Employment an exotic massage parlor. There are many massage parlors throughout the city. Many will require you are licensed by the city, which includes a health and criminal background check. The massage parlors are often located in plazas or industrial malls. You can often call and go visit the different exotic spas to see if the people working there and location are right fit for you.


When choosing an escort agency you can consider: If you would like to work alone, or be with other girls. Sometimes when you are new the business having other girls around for support can be a benefit. The agency’s hours of operation, and if their schedule is flexibile to match your school, family, or other commitments. Many of the better agencies will let you set your schedule, but they will expect you to stick to the schedule as best you can, as they may have pre-booked hotel rooms and customers for you. Some other agencies are more flexible on when you come and go. The location. Some girls want to work at a location a distance from where they live, but not so far that traveling is a burden. Other girls work closer to where they live as it is convenient, and there is little fear that they will meet someone they know. At many locations the girls can see who the customer is before she meets him, either on the building entrance video, or through the door peep hole.

Price and split. The customer will pay you a specific amount, eg $140 for a half hour appointment, and you will return a percentage of that amount to the agency generally at the end of the day or shift. The split varies, but might be 60% to the girl and 40% to the agency. You are paying the agency for promotion, location, appointment scheduling, driver fee, etc. The most important number will be how much money you take home at the end of the day. Some agencies can be generally busier than others, and some can be a better fit and more profitable for the girl than others.

Other fees and fines? Some agencies have a towel fee, phone girl fee, photography fee, etc. Some agencies have set fines if the girls don’t show up for a shift without giving notice, don’t do laundry, leave the location in a mess, etc.


Finding the right agency or massage parlor for you.Know that most of the agency websites on the internet are fake sites set up to attract customers and/or attract girls looking for a job/employment. They are basically referral services that will take a cut of the girls or customers pay as an introduction service to the agencies. As someone new to this type of business, you won’t know on your own if you are dealing with a legitimate agency, a sleazy agency, or if part of your pay is going to the referral service for as long as you are working.Many girls tell me that the first agency they worked for was a bad experience, with sleazy, possessive, controlling bosses, bad customers, and dirty locations. Some girls work and never received any money. If you are talking to the agency owner and getting a bad vib, or feel the guy is wanting to talk to you too much like you are his new girl friend, than follow your gut instinct and don’t put yourself into a bad situation, and move on asap. Know that there are many escort agencies that are run like any other professional business. The agencies on my links page include many of the top agencies in the city, and all are legitimate.

This site lists all the massage parlors in the Greater Toronto Area

If you find a few potential agencies, you can call them up and ask about working there. Find out a bit about the agency, and what the fees, fines, setup and locations are like. Some will want to meet with you, others will do much of the interview over the phone.

Good Luck!